Your Pavilion Studio is built and insulated to modern standards

Constructed with hi-tech materials and fully insulated, Pavilion Garden Studios are designed to comply with permitted development, making it possible to avoid planning permission. Installation is straightforward, clean and quick because most of the construction takes place in the factory. And the industrial-strength materials used mean you can expect a minimum lifetime of 20 years.

Pavilion Garden Studios are precision made and prefabricated within a factory environment. They are manufactured in sections allowing installations to be carried out in the most restrictive spaces and assembly on site to be carried out in just a matter of days with minimal intrusion and disruption.

Pavilion Studios Insulation and Ventilation


Designed for year-round enjoyment, Pavilion Garden Studios are built with several layers of modern insulation materials between the outer and inner surfaces. All joints are carefully sealed to provide air-tight intersections, thus reducing heat loss.

The floors and roof space also benefit from this layering to provide seamless insulated protection. Windows and doors are double-glazed with 20mm gas-filled panels - as used within modern new-build homes.


Because the building is so efficient at holding heat and airtight, a mechanical ventilation system is needed for your comfort and is included as a standard feature at no extra cost. The system provides a circulation of fresh warm air that extracts heat from stale air being removed. This keeps the air quality high whilst saving money on heating costs.

Your Pavilion Studio is designed to comply with permitted development

Planning Permission and Permitted Development

Nobody wants to go through the hassle of planning permission and building regulations unless they have to. So we’ve designed our range of Pavilion Studios to make sure you can avoid these complications wherever possible.

You’ll still have to meet requirements about such things as exactly where it is situated. But you can be sure you won’t need Planning Permission just because of the features of the building.

Do I need planning permission for a garden building?

Do I Need Building Regulations For A Garden Building?

Building Regulations

Pavilion Garden Studios are designed so that building regulations approval may be avoided in many cases if desired. However if you want or need building regulations approval, the specification is such that this can easily be achieved.

Do I need building regulations for a garden building?

Your Pavilion Studio is installed quickly with little fuss or mess

Ten Year Guarantee

You want to know that what you’re buying will give you pleasure for many years. Pavilion Garden Studios are built with industrial-strength materials usually reserved for commercial buildings.

Commercial customers set high standards, so Pavilion Studios are guaranteed for ten years, but built for a minimum 20 years of life. Windows, doors and heating carry a standard 2-year warranty.


The worst thing about other solutions to your space problems is the fuss and mess.

Moving house is stressful and uncertain. Adding an extension is messy and disruptive. But adding a Pavilion Garden Studio is simpler because it arrives with much of the work already completed in the factory. Our studios are manufactured in sections allowing installations to be carried out in the most restrictive spaces. Assembly on site is carried out in just a matter of days with the minimal intrusion and disruption

On receiving your order, we will appoint a dedicated project manager who will arrange the site survey and co-ordinate a complete schedule. Once completed, the schedule will be delivered to you in a pack including all details of the project from our arrival to hand-over and issue of guarantees and certificates.


There is no single foundation system that will suit all ground conditions, so we use a number of different systems.

We will carry out a site survey soon after receiving your order, at which the surveyor will recommend a suitable foundation system for your ground and soil type. This could be a concrete raft, mini piles, pre-cast adjustable or steel piles with a steel frame. Whichever solution we decide will be the best option for the project.

There is no variation in price for the different foundation types - all foundation costs are included in the fixed price for the studio size you have chosen.

The only two things you will need to arrange yourself are ground preparation and an electrical connection from the house to a consumer unit for your Pavilion Garden Studio.

Ground Preparation

The ground will need to be prepared before we arrive, so we can we can complete the build in the minimal time and disturbance.
All this requires of you is to make sure the space the Pavilion Studio will stand within is clear of any obstructions and has some working space around it. If you are unsure about what is needed, this can be discussed during the site visit.

Electrical Connection

The electrical connection to the house needs to be in position prior to our start date and again we will give precise drawings for locations. If for any reason you are unable to arrange these elements then of course we can organise everything for you. If you contact us now we’ll talk you through how this would work in your case.

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