Your Pavilion Studio is a fixed price, whichever options you choose

Have you noticed how some websites refuse to give you any price indication until you phone them?

We’re upfront about our price, which stays the same whatever combination of finishing options you choose. Only the size of the studio you choose affects the price.

Pavilion Garden Studios are available in three sizes:

  • 3m x 3m for £ 15,790
  • 3m x 3.6m for £ 17,790
  • 3m x 4.2m for £ 21,790

If you’re not sure what sizes comply with permitted development on your plot, see our video ‘Do I need planning permission for a garden building?’ or get a free copy of our eBook 'Six Most Common Questions About Garden Buildings', which includes a section about Planning Permission.

View of a Pavilion Garden Studio in a garden

The value of Pavilion Garden Studios

View of the door of a Pavilion Garden Studio

A Pavilion Garden Studio provides a workable space that’s warm and useable throughout the year. By enhancing your garden, it adds value to the property as well as your lifestyle.

Like all home improvements, the extra space of a Pavilion Studio is certain to add value to your home. Estate agents have estimated that a well-designed addition could add between 5% and 15% to the value of your property.

And a recent Daily Telegraph feature argued that a garden studio might be a much better investment than a loft conversion, and that the cost might be recovered when selling, especially in an area of high property values.

As well as the value on resale, garden buildings also often save their owners money on travel to work costs, or the cost of renting alternative accommodation. Artists’ studios, for example, are often costly to rent and difficult to find. A garden building, by contrast, has no monthly cost once the initial investment has been made.

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